Hi Vern, I received the USB drive today of your Clear Water Memories, including the many added web pages, photos, and documents you have done for me about Shemya, Attu, RAdm Robert Keating, etc. You have done a GREAT job of recording all of this information and putting it on the USB drive!

The research you did on my father-in-law about his time in submarines during WWII was outstanding. I had not seen some of the web pages you found about the 4 war patrols of the Barbel. The information on Shemya and Attu during WWII is very interesting, too. The young fellow who took photos on Shemya during 1975 was there just two years after I was.

He was not sure of the name of the black labrador dog that rode the bus to work with the troops from Bldg 600, but I remember her! Her name was Penny. He mentioned the name of one dog named Boozer, but I think this one was Penny.

Anyway, the photos all brought back memories of my year on the island. I will be reading and watching the many other presentations, photos, and videos. I have already watched a number of the WWII videos. All very interesting. Thanks, Vern! You have done a great job of helping preserve history... naval history, WWII, and even some of my family history!

Ernie   4-13-2019>


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