411th Infantry Regiment
with the
 103rd Cactus Division


Read this units STORY from a booklet given to Bill Sexton up on his discharge.

Read 55 year old memories of a guy who likes to describe in detail.
1. World War II Combat in France       2. World War II Combat - Maginot Line To Rhine
3. Mannheim to Landsberg      4. Where Sexton's Award was earned.

Bill Sexton has told stories to his History Class about what he has seen. One student recalls:
I had Mr. Sexton for History when I was in High School. He told us of his freeing people from the concentration camps. I can't remember which of the famous concentration camps they found so many people that were almost dead and of the graves where bodies were thrown on top of others and piled high. He told us that the people told of when they were in the concentration camps, the guards would tell them they were going to take a shower and were given a bar of soap, and a towel and instead of a shower, they turned on the gas and the thing that the prisoners relayed was that the people never came back from the "showers" as they were gased to death. He told the name of the camps but I can't remember  them. There were many photographs that showed these  camps. He said that it was so terrible that he was haunted by the sight and smell.

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