103rd Cactus Division

This is where Bill Sexton entered the army and went through boot camp. See his photo - left. He chose to go with the 411th Medical Detachment  before shipping out to Europe. His unit landed from the Mediterranean at Marseilles, France

Main entrance to Camp Claiborne Louisiana off the Forest Hill to Alexandria Highway. Military Police checkpoint is on the right with the post gymnasium in the background. Photo Credit: Rickey Robertson Collection

103rd Cactus Division
HQ Section Consisted of : Detachment Commander/Regimental Surgeon - MAJOR
(2) Dental Officers  -  Captain;  First Sergeant  -  Technical Sargent;  Admin NCO  -  Sargent
Records Clerk;   Truck Driver;   Podiaty Tech;  (2) Dental Techs;  Medical Tech;  Sanitary Tech;
(11) Basic Medics;  10- Aid Men-;  (3) each Regt AT and Cannon;  (1) each Regt HQ and Service

The Divison had (15) Battalions, (3) of which were:
1st Battalion Section,  2nd Battalion Section  &  3rd Battalion Section
Each Consisted of:  Medical Officer/Battalion Surgeon - CAPTAIN
Medical Admin Officer - Captain;   Section Sergeant - SSGT;  Medical NCO  -  CPL
(4) Med Techs - JR EM;  (12) Litter Bearers - JR EM;  (2) Surgical Techs - JR EM;
(12) Aid Men-1 per rifle platoon, Heavy MG Platoon Battalion Heavy Mortor - each JR EM


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