Rescue Tug Seven
Rescue Tug Seven
World War
II Victory


This is a story a U.S. Navy RESCUE TUG's Service during WWII.
Built in 1943 in the Frank L. Sample Shipyard - BOOTH BAY, Maine
It was a WOODEN HULLED tug built to Patrol Convoy Lanes.

Length 165' 6"; Beam 33' 4"; Draft 15' 6"; SPEED 12 Kts.
The information comes from the Yeoman who served on the tug.
He wishes to NOT have his name posted at this time.
NO crew member names will ever appear on this story page.

Captain = Executive Officer - Lieutenant
XO = Executive Officer - LTJG
ENS = Ensign
MMW = Warrant Machinist
BMW = Warrant Boatswain
BM2 = Boatswain Mate 2nd class
QM = Quartermaster      
RD = Radarman 
RM = Radioman   
CK = Cook
CM = Carpenters Mate
SF = Shipfitter 
SD = Stewardsmate
SK1 = Storekeeper 1st Class
SM = Signalman
SN2 = Seaman 2nd Class
WT2 = Watertender 2nd Class
YN2 = Yeoman 2nd Class     
Each person is identified in the story by the navy occupation RATE.
One story is about a mess-cook being killed
 by a stray bullet while getting some potatoes.