This web page is following one such plate that was purchase for a Navy family in NEWTON,IOWA; days after the ending of WWII. It is not clear who purchased it but perhaps it was purchased at their local J. C. Penney Store.
The plate was in the care of Dorothy Schmitt, wife of Navy Veteran, CARL SCHMITT, until she passed away in 2002.

Sue - Carl's daughter, in 2002, transported the plate to her home in Everett, Washington.
She thought it should be in Navy Family home so she gave it to Vern, the webmaster of this page.
He reports the final service days of over 50 Navy Ships.

On Easter Sunday - 2015, while down sizing his home, Vern gave it Sue's young grandson.
But Sue was thinking, while having a great Navy family as neighbors in Everett, they should have it.
This family whose husband graduated from the Naval Academy, has a father who is also a navy officer and
he has a young son that is crazy about airplanes.  They moved  in 2018 to Cleveland, Ohio.

This Vernon Kilns US Navy colorfully decorated plate is made in California.
Around the rim are the names of many naval ships that have served in battle of
the Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War I & II, along with areas.
Bonhomme, Old Ironsides, Monitor, Merrimac, Lexington, Yorktown, Kearsarge, Ticonderoga.

Names of bodies of water:  Java Sea, Midway, Coral Sea, Pearl Harbor, Tripoli, Manila Bay, Santiago,
Pacific, Lake Champlain, Lake Erie, Mobile Bay, Panama Canal, Great Lakes.

Names of places: San Diego, Norfolk, Newport News, Annapolis, Corpus Christi,
Cavite, Pensacola, Hampton Roads, Houston, 
Marcus Island, Wake Island, Marshall & Gilbert Island, Aleutians.

At the top of the plate is the Oath of Allegiance:
I do solemnly swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and
 that I will serve them honestly and faithfully against all their enemies whomsoever and
that I will obey orders of the President of the UNITED STATES,
and the orders of the officers appointed over me,
according to the Rules and Articles for the Government of the Navy.

The Center of plate has many different types of aircraft including
WW 2 bombers, sea planes, WW 1 airplanes.
Tall battleships with SAYINGS beneath them such as:
I have not yet begun to fight - Remember the Maine - Damn the torpedos,
 full speed ahead - Remember Pearl Harbor - You may fire when read, Gridley -
We have met the enemy and they are ours - Don't give up the ship - I will find a way or make one.

On the back: The US Navy Authorized by
the Continental Congress in October 1775. For a century and a half, fighting phrases have characterized the spirit of the US Navy.

Thus, when John Paul Jones
in the Bonhomme Richard in 1779
was asked by the commanding officer
of the Serapia to surrender, he replied,
"I have not yet begun to fight."

In 1942, Ensign Donald Frances Mason messaged from his plane:
 "Sighted sub, sank some."