Sam joined the U. S. Army in the spring of 1944, right after graduating from High School in Hillsboro, Illinois. He and his family lived in the small town of Irving north east of there where his girl friend Ada also lived.  While Sam was in the Army she taught school in Irving and they kept in touch by writing letters the whole time he was gone. When Sam returned from service in 1946 they were married. Ada still has the letters. Some of the guys wrote of the action they were in and where they were but those words were covered over by censors. Sam wrote only of love and the things he missed. Sam went to Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois and became a teacher. During the war Sam met Roy Kee of Fennville while they served in San Fernando, Philippines. Sam then became interested in Fennville.

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In joining the Army, Sam went to Camp Fanning, Texas located in Owentown, about 15 miles NE of Tyler. Camp Fanning was an INFANTRY REPLACEMENT TRAINING CENTER where Sam learned more about taking orders and taking care of himself.
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From page 110 of the book "FAMILY FUSING IN FENNVILLE" by Vern Bouwman
The book is in the Fennville Library and the School Library.

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