CAMP FANNING is where Sam Morehead joined the Army.
Later to become a Fennville High School Coach and Teacher.

Sam's motto is:
 Winning comes from working not wishing.
He required hustling with harmony from his teams.
This page is also what the Army was about.

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15 miles N.E. of Tyler.
I-20 now runs through it.

The 8th Service Command
serviced the IRTC's

Camp Fanning, Texas was established in farm country a few miles outside Tyler in 1943,
The camp processed around 200,000 G.I.'s and
 thousands of German prisoners of war before being inactivated in 1946.

This is where Sam earned his Marksman Badge, using his M1. The Combat Infantry Badge came later.
When Sam left this camp to fight in the Pacific, he had no idea where he was going.
He was put with the 37th Infantry, put on a train, then a ship, never being told what was next.
This was for security reasons, moving on a need to know basis.
The next many months of his life was devoted to doing what he was told and saying, "Yes Sir".
There were no liberty ports but he did have the Love of his girl "Ada" and his family.
He wrote many letters and Ada still has them.

Sam had one major problem, with his papers being shipped out with another unit,
the Army payroll people did not know where he was for over 20 months.
He went where he was told, ate what was given to him, and slept where he could.
The anguish he experienced has given him many nights of no sleep, to this day.
Sam was thankful for being saved a couple of times by a fellow company man
who was patrolling behind him. He really thought he would not return home.

YES! Sam is one of the silent ones who has helped keep our County Free.

He was awarded 7 medals including the BRONZE STAR.

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