Where Irwin F. Hutchins earned his SILVER STAR

The Division was holding positions on the Roer when it was ordered to help contain the German Ardennes offensive. The Division fought in eastern Belgium, blunting the German Fifth Panzer Army's penetration of American lines. The Division helped reduce the Bulge in January, fighting in the Ardennes forest in deep snow, and cleared the area from Houffalize to the Ourthe River of the enemy.
February A rest period was called and Irwin made a requested trip with a load of nurses, to Paris,
March 27
The Division drove on across the Rhine.
April 5, 1945
Some where between Gottingen and Schonebeck, Irwin's unit lost communications. He drove his jeep through enemy lines and regained these communications.  For this brave action, Irwin ( a resident of Fennville, Michigan) received the SILVER STAR.
April 20
The 2nd was the first American Division to reach the Elbe at Schonebeck on 11 April. It was halted on the Elbe, 20 April, on orders.
July The Division entered Berlin; the first American unit to enter the German capital city.
BARTH This is the location of the German Prison camp "Stalag Luft 1" where 2nd Lt. Richard R. Bale (also a resident of Fennville, Michigan) was held captive after bailing out of his B-17 in February 1944. He was liberated by the Russians on May 1, 1945.

From information obtained by Irwin's nephew Jim, and that found on the web in July of 2007, the map above was created beyond those Irwin had brought home.

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