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Where Combat Command A sent to reinforce the 101th Airbourne Division, hit the 8th German Parachute Regiment and the 37th Panzer Grenadier Regiment headon, June 14-15, Estimated enemy dead 800; prosoners, 6
Tessy sur Vire
Where Combat Command A held tank elements of the 2nd Panzer Division from relieving German units trapped in the Normandy pocket.
St. denis le Gast
Where a Panzer Battalion broke through to Division Reserve CP but was repulsed by point-blank fire from the 78th Armored Field Artillary Battalion and the 62nd Field Artillary Battalion, resulting in almost total destruction of the ememy column.
Cerences Point of deepest penetration on Combat Command B's swing to the southwest to trap German elements cut off by the breakthrough.
Barenton Where Company "H" of the 41st Infrantry held "Hand Grenade Hill" for five bitter days; from here the Division started its swing to the northeast to cut off German troops attempting to escape from the Falaise-Argentan pocket.
Domfront Here Col. Merriam's 82nd Armored Rcn Battalion captured, killed or wounded an entire German engineering battalion of more than 400 men defending the town, street by street.
Elbeuf The northermost Seine River ferry crossing, captured by Combat Command A on August 26.  Here General Collier received a receipt for the city before turning it over to a Canadian Unit.
Mantes Gassicourt
Just north and west of this city, forward elements of the Division crossed the Seine on August 28 in pursuit of the routed German Seventh Army.
Camp Lucky Strike
Camp Lucky Strike was one of several tent camps built around Le Havre at the end of 1944. Others were named Old Gold, Pall Mall, Twenty Grand, Herbert Tareyton, Wings, Home Run, and Phillip Morris. As you can see they were named for popular cigarette brands. They were created in order to dispatch equipment and troops disembarking from the port of Le Havre to the front. Dick Bale of Fennville, Michigan was brought here upon being released from a German Prison Camp.

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