2nd Lt. Richard
Raymond Bale


Camp Lucky Strike
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The tensions were building between Russia and the Allies and the fate of the POWs was uncertain until the 8th Air Force flew into Barth and rescued the POWs in a massive airlift called "Operation Revival".   The Russians had liberated the camp on May 1 and on May 12,13 & 14, 1945 approximately 9,000 prisoners of war at Stalag Luft I were flown out of Barth, Germany and back into Allied control.  Royal Air Force POWs were flown back to England and the American POWs were flown to Camp Lucky Strike northeast of  Le Havre, France, where they were processed and waited for a liberty ship to return to the states.

Overview of former Camp grounds looking from north to south. The aircraft depicted is a Fouga Magister and was a popular French Air Force Trainer. Behind the plane is the concrete runway which was in the center of the camp. Photo taken by Gregor Dürbaum, July 1999, contributed to Skylighters by Frank Dowell.

The rows and rows of tents as layed out in photo at right.

Former Site of Camp Headquarters

Aerial View of Camp Lucky Strike

Shipping out from LeHavre, France

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